How We Work with Nonprofits

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Roonga's goal is to help nonprofits get the supplies they need to fulfill their missions—by involving nonprofits, local community members, and businesses so that everyone benefits. By purchasing items on Roonga, donors have complete transparency about what they are giving to a nonprofit. Nonprofits get exactly the items they need in the quanities needed with a fraction of the resources required. And our retail partners receive large, aggregated orders that are more efficient to process.

We accomplish all this by taking in-kind drives online. The typical offline collection barrel drive provides many challenges:

  • There is no visibility about what's being donated
  • Items donated may not be the right fit or quality needed
  • There is often a glut of some items, and a scarcity of others
  • Items need to be collected and stored throughout the course of a drive
  • A huge amount of resources are required to run the drive—including the collection, review and sorting of items, disposal of un-needed items, and organization for distribution.

By taking drives online, nonprofits are able to mitigate the issues associated with the offline collection drives. They select specific items, along with specific quantities. Donors select from the items listed, ensuring that their purchases will meet the needs of the nonprofit. When a target is reached for a specific item, donors choose from the remaining items still in need.

Because many of our nonprofits run an offline drive in conjuction with a drive on Roonga, items and quantities can be modified in real-time, accounting for fluctuations in need as a drive goes on. All purchases and totals are reflected on the drive page.

At the end of a drive, all purchases are aggregated, and the order is placed with our retail partners. The items are delivered directly to the nonprofit, pre-sorted and ready for distribution.

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