How to Host a Drive

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Interested in running a back-to-school backpack drive? Or a blanket and towels drive for a local homeless shelter? Whether you work for a nonprofit, or are part of a group or club interested in hosting a drive, you can easily incorporate Roonga to host your drive online. When you host your drive on Roonga, you can

  • Post a list of items and their quantities, ensuring that you get the items that you need in the quantities needed. This helps reduce the likelihood of getting too much of one thing and not enough of another.
  • Give donors options for how to donate. Through Roonga, donors have the option to order directly through Roonga (and have the items shipped to you), or drop items off at your desired dropoff location(s). These options are important for providing your donors with the flexibility to meet the needs of their schedules.
  • Track the progress of donations. A drive on Roonga includes a progress bar that indicates how far you are to your goal. Individual items are also tracked, so you know quantities still needed for each item.

So why is an drive important?

Relying solely on dropoff locations limits your results. Incorporating an online channel for your drive gives donors the option to purchase items online and ship them directly to the nonprofit, eliminating the need to dropoff. This option simplifies the donation process for many people and makes it easier for them to donate. In addition, real-time tracking of donations gives people an immediate perspective about what other people have already donated and what is still needed. As the drive owner, you can also adjust the items and quantities as you go - increasing quantities if the drive is going better than expected, or removing items to consolidate donations if the drive is not going as well as expected.

How to Get Started

Roonga only allows drives to be launched for qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. At this time, Roonga staff reviews and qualifies nonprofits. If there is a nonprofit you'd like to work with who is not in our network, contact Roonga's staff will review the nonprofit's background and get set up. Once this is done, the drive can be easily launched on Roonga. To get started today, email us at, and we will get the ball rolling together. For more information about our drives, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.