Families Helping Families Holiday Drive
ID# THE-126510
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Yesica is a stay at home mom to four children. Her fiance is the sole bread winner in the family and they would benefit from some extra support this holiday season. Timothy is 7 years old with lots of energy, constantly bouncing off the walls. Emma is her second oldest and she's fabulously sassy with a big personality. Itzel is unlike her two older sibling in that she's a little more quiet and calm. Lastly, the newest addition to the family is Melissa. At a month old, she's already proving to be a easy-going, calm tempered baby. They're all very close to one another and are looking forward to spending quality time with one another despite the two older siblings going back and forth between their biological father's home and Yesica's home with Itzel, Melissa, and her current partner.
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This family consists of a single mother of four children on a fixed income. Mother shares a room with her children. She is unable to work because she cannot afford to pay for child care. Mother is very often short of funds to buy essential items for her toddler, including diapers, baby wipes and shampoo. She is now behind in rent and feels discouraged she will not be able to buy any presents for the family this holiday season.
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This family has suffered a traumatic death of the biological father, and the mother is not in the children’s lives so they are living with Grandmother who is financially strapped.
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Family of 11 trying to make ends meet. Father is the only one who is employed because mother has to stay home with younger children and has migraine problems which make it hard for her to work. Mother is sad that she wont be able to get all the children something this Christmas due to the father barely starting to work again.
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This is a family with a mother and two children who were referred to the program due to being victims of abuse. No specific information can be shared about the family due to pending legal issues. Mother is struggling to make ends meet and cope with the stress of raising her children alone.
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Single mother, family of 2 are passing through an economic hardship due to Julie not currently employed and Julie has been relying in receiving assistance to get by. Julie does what she can to make it work and provide for her daughter. They would both like L shoes. These basic necessities will help and provide gifts for this family this holiday season.
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Single mother with 3 children all under the age of 14. The mother is currently struggling to find a place to live, therefore staying in her friends living room. The children go back and forth to their father's home and mother's temporary place,. Mother is struggling to make ends meet, due to not being able to find a job. The mother has been proactive and participant of our program while keeping up with all the appointments and following through to meet her daughters mental health needs. This family would benefit from the help of receiving gifts this Christmas.
ID# THE-126979
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Sandra is a 37 year old mother of three. She recently just delivered a baby boy named "Angel" whom was born with Downs Syndrome. She is going through a lot with many doctor appointments and being connected to services that her baby will need. Things have been very overwhelming for mother as she is just learning about all the services. She is also experiencing some mild post-partum depression. Mother is very receptive to services and open to receiving all the helping/resources that she can. She is worried about finances due to not being able to go back to work any time soon and only having one income to support family. Father works full time job and is very involved with his kids. They could benefit from any support this holiday season
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The children were involved in an abusive situation by the father who is no longer allowed to be part of their lives. Mother is struggling both emotionally and financially as she tries to cope with the trauma she and her children experienced and continue to provide a safe and stable family home on a limited income.
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The large family of 9 are living in a bedroom of a two bedroom apartment. Father is the only person that is supporting the family and at times is not able to make ends meet. Mom just gave birth to a baby in September and is having a hard time with basic needs items. Mom has post partum depression. Mom also has a history of domestic violence.
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Mary and her husband have 4 wonderful kids. Mary says that her family has been struggling financially since before the pandemic and was hit harder during the pandemic. She currently does not have a job to help with the bills because she is taking care of their 11 month old baby. She has been trying to earn extra money for Christmas by selling crafts but it still worried she wont have enough to give her kids presents.
ID# THE-127188
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Client resides with adult Sister Delia. History of abuse, mother did not believe client was abused. Client was removed from the home and placed with her sister by SSW. Delia has two children of her own, one of the daughter has a medical condition, requiring around the clock care.
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Client resides with mother and two siblings. Victim of abuse, mother is single parent due to spouse not being allowed to return to the home. Mother Cecilia is employed supporting her children earning minimum wage. One of her daughter is on the spectrum.
ID# THE-126617
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Guadalupe is a single mother of two children. She has recently arrived in the states and has one other child in her native country. Guadalupe is very happy with her new baby girl, but has been suffering from depression due to having all of her family in her native country and especially not having her son here with her has been a big challenge. She currently lives in a single bedroom apartment with her father and her brother, but is home alone with the baby most of the day and has been feeling very overwhelmed. Despite her feelings of depression and anxiety she has chosen to participate in the Parents as Teachers 2 year program in order to brush up on some of her parenting skills. She has also taken initiative to reach out for mental health support. Due to just giving birth, Guadalupe is financially limited and depends highly on her father for support. The family could really use some assistance this holiday season with basic needs, food, and clothing.
ID# THE-109810
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This is a family of first time parents from Nicaragua. Both parent have struggled being able to find a job due to their language barrier. They have been suffering greatly trying to make end meet with rent, food, and basic needs. Mother has been receiving hand me downs from friends and has been obtaining assistance from food and diaper banks to help make ends meet. Mother will not be able to provide gifts for her son this holiday season.
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This family is struggling due to mom having a illness (epilepsy), and medication being too pricey. Mom and dad are using any extra money they have to provide for mom's medication so they won't be able to provide any gifts for their children this holiday season.
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Mom is currently attempting to complete her ESL classes to be able to proceed to the AESL class. Of which, she explained, would provide her with a part-time job after graduating. But, is currently unemployed and living off of CalWORKs benefits. She has been struggling and experiencing high-stress to provide basic items to her child.
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This family relies in receiving assistance to make ends meet. Mom and Dad are each attending classes at school to help them get better paying jobs. They are not in a financial position to provide any gifts for their family this holiday season.
ID# THE-88364
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Mother has 2 children and is currently unemployed. Father of the children is the only one employed at the time. Mother is not part of the Cal Fresh program and she and her children are struggling financially to make ends meet. Mother will not be able to purchase Christmas gifts due to their financial strains.
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Maria is a single mom who struggles to make ends meet. She has limited funds that are used to pay for rent/utilities/groceries. Therefore, Maria and her daughter would benefit greatly from being adopted!