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Sunday Friends
Helping children, parents and families to reframe their views of themselves and of their relationships with their communities requires more than a class. It requires new experiences over an extended period of time. It requires opportunities within a supportive community to practice, to develop new skills and attitudes, to discover inner strengths and self-worth and to know the satisfaction that comes from contributing to their community. At Sunday Friends, families find the supportive community and the means to break the generational cycle of poverty by fostering positive development in children while educating and guiding parents to support their children's life success. An integrated economic environment is filled with opportunities - not just to receive but also to give. Families work together to advocate for themselves and strengthen their community to progress towards self-sufficiency. Our 2022 Strategic Plan outlines the learning activities within our areas of focus that are designed for families to gain resources, tools, knowledge and confidence to lift themselves out of poverty and to improve their financial well-being.
P.O. Box 24887
San Jose , CA 95112
(408) 217-9587
Sunday Friends' Gift-a-Family 2023
Closes on: Dec 9th, 2023
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Sunday Friends' Gift-a-Family 2022
Closed on: Dec 2nd, 2022
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