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Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)


In 1973, a group of citizens of Santa Clara County gathered to express discontent and share common concerns about their experiences as Asian Americans. These community leaders founded an organization committed to the belief that diverse members of the euphemistically labeled “Quiet Minority” could unite, that their individual experiences and strengths could combine to advocate for the betterment of all Asians.

Serving the community for over three decades

It’s not uncommon for Asians and other minorities to feel uncomfortable seeking and receiving services due to language and cultural barriers. The team of multicultural and multilingual professionals at AACI works to bridge these gaps through an array of services and programs in health, recovery, advocacy, shelter and community. The AACI team includes the following specialists:

Physicians Psychiatrists Psychologists Social workers Marriage and family therapist Teachers Health educators Domestic violence prevention specialists

San Jose
(408) 975-2730

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