Backpack and School Supply Drive for Harvey Flood Victims

Ended October 20, 2017

Please join Sydney Paige and Roonga in providing quality backpacks and school supplies to students impacted by Hurricane Harvey. While first responders work hard to provide much needed shelter, food, water and clothing for Harvey victims, we are running this drive to provide items that students and teachers will need once it is safe to return to school.

Due to flooding, backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, etc. have been lost. Low income youth make up more than 75% of the approximately 215,000 students within the Houston Independent Public School District alone, and cannot afford to replace these items.

Children will be dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, working to overcome fears of recurrence, loss, and other issues causing anxiety. Providing them with a quality backpack and the tools to do their work in school will help them feel loved, cared for and prepared.

Thank you for your incredible help to provide these foundational items to the children impacted by the floods!

Giving Back Together, Sydney Paige & Roonga

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Drive: Backpack and School Supply Drive for Harvey Flood Victims

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