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How Drives Work
Donating on Roonga
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How Drives Work

Q: How do drives on Roonga work?

A: Roonga partners with nonprofits to identify supply needs, identifying specific items for specific needs. This list of items and quantities needed are posted on when a nonprofit launches their drive. Donors are encouraged to purchase the items on a nonprofit's online drive, eliminating separate trips to purchase items at the store and/or to drop off at specific locations. Through these drives, Roonga helps donors streamline the donation process, while reducing the likelihood of nonprofits receiving items that don't meet their needs.

Q: What happens after an order is placed?

A: For most drives (and depending on the request of our partner nonprofits), Roonga holds the purchases and places a single bulk order after the close of the drive. This has several key benefits: first, the nonprofit does not have to store the items during the course of the drive, and second, aggregating purchases allows the donors to benefit from any volume discounts available from the supplier.

Donating on Roonga

Q: Will I get a receipt for my donation?

A: Roonga provide a purchase confirmation when you complete a donation, but the actual tax-appropriate receipt is provided by our nonprofits directly. At the end of a drive, we provide our nonprofit partners with a list of the donors and their donation amounts for the purpose of p roviding receipts to their donors.

Q: Does Roonga pass on fees to donors when purchases are made through the site?

A: No. When you purchase an item on our site, Roonga charges you the cost of the item from our retail partners, plus sales tax and credit card fees. No additional fees are added to your purchase.

Q: What happens if a retailer runs out of an item I purchase?

A: From time to time, when we place our bulk orders, our retail partners may not have enough of the items purchased. In this case, we work with the nonprofit to identify a similar item of similar price. Any additional funds leftover from this change is used to purchase additional supplies at the discretion of our nonprofit partner.

Q: How secure is donating on Roonga?

A: Roonga does not store credit card information in our systems. Rather, we've integrated with a third party payment processor called WePay. For more information about WePay and their security measure, go to

Hosting a Drive on Roonga

Q: Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to launch a drive on Roonga?

A: At this time, a drive must be associated with a 501(c)3 organization. Having said that, we do work with service groups and companies who have a cause in mind, connecting them with an appropriate nonprofit, so the drive can be hosted on their behalf.

Q: How much does it cost to have a drive hosted on Roonga?

A: Roonga does not charge nonprofits fees for hosting your drive on Roonga. Roonga supports its operations through sales commissions earned through the referrals and bulk purchases of items.

Q: What kind of items/supplies can I use in my drives?

A: Roonga supports a wide range of school and office supplies. We have also conducted drives for toys, blankets, linens, and other items. For specific questions, contact

Q: I have unique items needed for my drive. Can you accommodate these?

A: While we do focus on school supplies and toys, we are able to support many other items. For specific questions, contact and we will be able to work with you to determine if your items can be supported by our drives.

Q: How long do drives last?

A: The length of a drive is purely up do you and will depend on many factors including the size of the drive (number of items), your support base, and your bandwidth for outreach. Drives on Roonga have lasted as short as a few weeks to several months.

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started?

A: Roonga screens all nonprofits to ensure that our donors are working with bona fide social causes. As such, if you are interested in working with us on a drive, contact us at to get started.

Q: I am part of a club or company interested in supporting a drive. How do I get started?

A: The best place to start is to review the drives in progress here. Our newest drives have the ability for you to launch your own team drive, driven by a nonprofit's list of needs. Click “Launch Team Drive” to select a subset of the nonprofit's items and set your own quantity targets. Simply complete the rest of the form, and your team drive will be live.

Q: I am part of a club or company interested in supporting a drive that is not on your website. How do I get started?

A: Contact us at, and we'll work your nonprofit to set up a drive on our site. Please include your name, contact information, the nonprofit you're working with, and a contact we can reach out to at that nonprofit.

About Roonga

Q: What does 'Roonga' mean?

A: 'Roonga' is not a real word. It was picked to convey a sense of community coming together and helping each other out. Roonga helps local nonprofits by challenging the surrounding community to help solve local problems with local resources.

Q: Is Roonga a nonprofit?

A: No, Roonga is a for-profit social enterprise. Down the line, we are planning to certify as a B Corporation, a type of company that uses business to solve social and environmental problems. To learn more about B Corporations, go to

Q: How is Roonga different from other crowdsourcing sites?

A: Roonga does not help nonprofit organizations raise cash contributions. We focus on supplies and in-kind donations. As a part of our service, Roonga

  • Works with nonprofits to identify low cost, quality items that address their needs
  • Aggregate purchases of items from donors to leverage volume discounts where possible
  • Ship and deliver items after drives close to minimize storage and security issues

Q: Is Roonga a retailer?

A: No, Roonga is not a retailer. Roonga is an aggregator/sales channel. For most of our drives, we aggregate purchases and place bulk orders on behalf of all the purchasers. Sales tax is collected to provide to the retailers who fulfill and deliver the items donated. For a small number of drives, Roonga refers donors to third party sites to complete the purchase on the retail sites.

Q: How does Roonga make money?

A: Currently, Roonga's main source of revenue is our online drives. Acting as a sales channel for our retail partners, Roonga earns a commission on sales that are executed from our drives.