About Roonga

Roonga is about connecting nonprofits with folks like you!

About Us

At Roonga, we believe...
  • That the homeless should not perish for lack of a warm blanket.
  • That every child should have new school supplies on the first day of school.
  • That ANYONE can donate something meaningful to someone who needs it.

Roonga is a social venture reinventing the way supplies are donated to nonprofits - the right items, in the right quantities, at the right time. When nonprofits run their supply drives on Roonga, they collect more of the items they need, with fewer resources than currently required.

Are you a nonprofit interested in working with us? Email us at support@roonga.com. For questions or comments, you can also leave a message on our Facebook page, or tweet us @sharewithroonga!@sharewithroonga!

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Evelyn Horng, Co-Founder

Evelyn has 14 years of experience in strategy development and product management. Most recently, she was Vice President, Product Management and Data Licensing at MLSListings, Inc., where her team was responsible for overhauling the tools used by 20,000 real estate agents in the Bay Area. Previous to that, she held various product management positions at BroadVision and Beyond.com. Evelyn graduated from Stanford University with a bachelors degree in Public Policy. She is married, with two sons and a dog. Her dog is a rescue from the Humane Society who receives the most complements of anyone in her family when they are out and about.

For Evelyn, Roonga fulfills her dream of leveraging her professional skills for social causes. Every drive that closes on Roonga results in the delivery of key supplies to a nonprofit partners. This is what keeps her going on Roonga.

Frank Tadman, Co-Founder

Frank is well steeped in the art of and science of developing products. He has had over 20 years of experience developing software and managing software engineering teams at companies such as MS2 and Rational. Frank left his most recent position as Vice President, Engineering at MLSListings to help found Roonga. Frank graduated from the University of California at Irvine, with bachelor's degrees in computer science and mathematics and a master's in computer science. Frank is married with two sons.

Frank is interested in taking Roonga's mission to the company itself: building a company with a culture of collaboration and sharing, and personal and corporate growth for all of its employees.

Marc Zucker, Nonprofit Community Manager

Marc has spent 20+ years working with clients to help them achieve their business objectives. His sales and business development experience has benefitted local, regional and global organizations across multiple lines of business. Previous to joining Roonga, Marc held positions with both startups and goliaths providing an alphabet soup of POS, ERP, CEM and CRM solutions. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Marc graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of South Florida. He is married with two children.

For Marc, Roonga is a culmination of all that is good with internet services. Bringing together a nonprofit, donor and supplier to meet the needs of the underserved.


Raj Bhargava

Raj is successful technology entrepreneur and business executive with more than 30 years of experience in product development, engineering, operations, and business management. Most recently, Raj was Senior Vice President, Products and Services, at Satmatrix, where he was responsible for creating 100% positive references for their products and implementation services. Raj also held senior leadership positions at Oracle and Hewlett Packard. On the entrepreneurial front, Raj co-founded Jaspersoft, an open source business intelligence solution, and he led the team from inception, through funding, through its acquisition by TIBCO.

In 2015, Raj was a fellow at the Distinguished Careers Institute at Stanford University, a new program for established leaders who seek to transform themselves for social impact at the local, national, and global levels. Raj is looking forward to leveraging his experience to help social entrepreneurs accelerate and magnify their results.

Nancy Hayes

Nancy has more than 30 years of experience as a business leader and mentor, in for-profit, non- profit and academic organizations. Most recently, Nancy served as the Dean of the College of Business and subsequently as Vice President/CFO, Finance & Administration, at San Francisco State University from 2005 to 2013. Before that, Nancy enjoyed a twenty-year career at the IBM Corporation, holding a wide array of management and senior executive positions in sales, marketing, consulting and services. In her last position as General Manager, Worldwide Operations, IBM Sales and Services, Nancy led the reengineering effort to restructure IBM to ensure consistent execution on a global basis.

Nancy left IBM in 1997 with the goal of bringing her business and management skills and experiences to the nonprofit environment. She served as CEO of the STARBRIGHT Foundation in Los Angeles, an entrepreneurial non-profit organization chaired by Steven Spielberg and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Subsequently, Nancy was President and CEO of WISE Senior Services, a social services agency focused on improving the quality of life and quality of care for low-income, isolated and frail elderly and disabled adults in Los Angeles County.

For each of the five years between 2006-2010, Nancy was named a "Most Influential Woman" by the San Francisco Business Times and was named to the paper's "Ever Influential" list in 2011.

Dr. James Wu

James has an extensive technical background, ranging from hands-on experience in small startup envrionments to managing large, distributed global teams. James is currently the Chief Solution Architect at BroadVision, where he has led the development and design of almost every major product. In addition to managing BroadVision's core platform and commerce applications, James also rolled out the development methodology for their integrated on-shore/off-shore engineering projects. Prior to BroadVision, James held various engineering leadership positions at Renaissance Software and Persistence Software. James holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from State University of New York at Stony Brook and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. James has published several articles on object-oriented and deductive databases in highly respected computer science journals.

What's in a Name?

Many people have asked where the name Roonga came from, what Roonga means, or what it stands for. No, Roonga is not an acronym... Nor is it a word in the English dictionary (that we are aware of). Rather, it is a term with its roots in a real word that we hope conjures up images of a small village, its members pooling resources and sharing with each other in a tight, intimate manner. With that, this is the story of how the name Roonga came to be.

Around the time when the co-founders were searching for a name, Evelyn was rummaging around her house and she happened upon a long, brown stick, approx 3 feet long - tapered with two round ends. This was a staff carried by a Masai chief in a Kenyan village in African. Her husband purchased it from the chief on a trip years back. This staff is called a roonga (exact spelling unknown). Evelyn liked the way it sounded, and after batting around a few more options, the team decided to go with it. Roonga was born!

When you use Roonga, Frank, Evelyn and James hope you are reminded to leverage your own resources to help those in your local community. Working through the nonprofits in your area, you can make a difference!